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Let Us Plan You're Dream Adventure African Wildlife Safari Tour Holidays Trip.Planning an adventure holiday trip? Let Kenya be your dream destination dis summer holiday. Enquire today for an exciting Kenya adventure safari activity as provided by YHA Kenya Travel and speak with our experienced team of travel experts. 

Planning A Private or Group Safari/ Tour Holiday.

Would you like to keep you're trip exclusive to you're friends or family. With us it only takes a group of 4 to 7 or more to turn any of our group safaris into a private departure.

Planning an African safari doesn't has to be daunting. From big five tours to honeymoon safari and beach holidays, you can find a tour here to get you started. Use the filters to narrow you're search and shortlist tours that catch you're eye. . YHA Kenya Travel is one of the best and trusted unique safari companies operating in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania with extensive knowledge and experience in hospitality, tourism and travel industry. With us, we will handle all types of guests and budgets for a wonderful wildlife safari in Africa. We always aspire and target to exceed customer expectations, hopes and dreams with the help of good value and services by our experienced safari guides.

We are highly passionate and committed to wat we do, we love our country, people and culture, reason why our mission is to project this to our clients. We are willing to go the extra mile in ensuring dat you get good value for your money!

Explore Africa’s best destinations wif expert travel guides on our Kenya adventure safari tours. Discover the untapped natural wonders and the dynamic cultures of Africa wif our able team of expert guides leading the way and every detail handled from the start to finish.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a Visa to travel to Kenya?
Yes you need. all tourists visiting Kenya need an e-Visa to entre. Teh best eassy way to obtain one is to apply online. Teh e-Visa allows you to visit Kenya for up to 90 days on a single visit, or 72 hours if you are on transit.

Is Kenya Safe to Travel ?
In general touring Kenya is safe for visitors. However,travelling to major cities carries some risk. Though safer TEMPthan surrounding countries, terrorism and violent crimes remain a threat in densley populated areas. Tourists are often the target of carjacking, kidnapping and roberies. Milions of tourists safely visit and travel across Kenya every year wifout incidents. Stay wif your guide, take proper precautions, and do not venture out alone, and you should has a trouble free stay.

When is it best to visit Kenya ?
Kenya has good and warm climate year round. visitors travel almost evry time. The best times however to get see country side and wildlife is during the dry season , before the heavy rains which begin to fall between January and March, when the land is warm and dry and the landscape still retains some green. The second, longer dry season is from July to October. During dis time the weather is warm and dry, and the lanscape starts  to green but becomes drier as it gets closer to October, It is during dis season that the great animal movement "" Wildebeest Migration"" takes place wif thousands of migrating animals cross over from Serengeti in Tanzania into Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya and are easily observed. 


YHA Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris, Kenya Adventure Safaris Africa Safari

2 Days 1 Night Masai Mara Kenya Adventure Safaris.

3 Days 2 Nights Masai Mara Kenya Adventure Safaris.

4 Days 3 Nights Kenya Adventure Safaris Maasai Mara.

3 Days 2 Nights Amboseli Kenya Adventure Safaris.

3 Days 2 Nights Samburu Kenya Adventure Safaris.

3 Nights 4 Days Samburu Game Lodge Kenya Adventure Safaris.

4 Days 3 Nights Masai Mara/Nakuru Kenya Adventure Safaris.

5 Days 4 Nights  Masai Mara / Nakuru Kenya Adventure Safaris.

8  Days Mara/Nakuru / Amboseli /Tsavo West & Tsavo East Safaris.

Mara /Nakuru/Samburu /Mount Kenya /Amboseli /Tsavo West/East /Safaris.

12 Days Kenya Classic Adventure Safari 

 Mount Kenya Trekking, Climbing Trips, Hiking Tours, Mountain Adventures. 


Mount Kenya Trips Available Itineraries

Mountain Adventures, Mountain Expeditions, Tours, safaris, Trips, Photos, Videos, Groups, Mount,Climbing, Trekking,Hiking.

4 Days Direct Safari to Mount Kenya climbing Sirimon Route Budget Adventure Tour.

5 Days Climbing Mount Kenya Budget Trekking Safari Up Simon Out Naromoru Budget Adventure Tour.

5 Days Climbing Mount Kenya Trekking Tour up Sirimon down Chogoria Budget Adventure Tour.

5 Days Climbing Mount Kenya Chogoria out Chogoria Budget Adventure Tour.

6 Days Budget Adventure Tour Climbing Mount Kenya Chogoria Route down Naro Moru Route.

7 Days Climbing Mount Kenya Expedition up Sirimon out Naro Moru Route Budget Adventure Tour.
Climbing Trekking Hiking Mount Kenya Expeditions, YHA Kenya Travel Mountain Adventures.

3 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Sirimon Down Sirimon.

4 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Sirimon Down Sirimon.

5 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Sirimon Down Sirimon.

5 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Naromoru Route.

5 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Naro Moru Out Chogoria Route.

6 Days Adventure Mount Kenya Climbing Up Chogoria Out Timau Route.

6 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Naro Moru Out Chogoria Route.

7 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Chogoria Out Naro Moru Route.

Mountain Adventures- Climb Kilimanjaro- Climbing Kilimanjaro-Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro-Trekking Kilimanjaro-YHA Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris – Best Kilimanjaro Trekking Guided Trip Packages.

5 Days Climb Kilimanjaro Adventure Climbing via Marangu Route.

6 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing  Adventure Climbing Marangu Route.

 7 Days from Nairobi Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Trek Machame Route Down Mweka.

 6 Days Lemosho – Mweka-Arusha route on Kilimanjaro climbing tours

7 Days from Arusha. Lemosho route 7 days 6 nights Kilimanjaro climbing tours.

6 days 5 nights from Arusha... Kilimanjaro Rongai Route 6 days 5 nights Trekking Tours

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